Eagle Scout Hall of Fame

FUNDING: The "633 Fund" includes donations from Eagle Scout projects to be used for future Scout trail projects.  As of December 2014, $570.80 is available for Boy Scout projects. Donations are from excess funds collected for specific Eagle Scout projects.

Kevin Wokanovicz, Troop 27, Paugussett Trail improvements at Wiacek Woods (Meadow St.)

Korey Barber, Troop 27, Bridge over Round Hill Brook, Paugussett Trail (336 hrs)
Marc Santacapita, Troop 19, Paugussett Trail @ Independence Dr., reroute trail, move bridge
Andrew Kluk, Troop 3, installation of Rec Path mile markers 

Josh Andes, Benches at Shelton Lakes (125 hrs)

Joe Singh, Troop 18, Paugussett Trail reroute at Constitution Blvd (Wiacek)

David Leandres, Troop 55, Eklund Garden/Paugussett improvements

Tom Savarese, Troop 27, Birchbank Trail stabilization
Luke Claire, Troop 27, New trail from Beech Tree Hill Road to a small pond in the open space.
Mark Sullivan, New kiosk for the Paugussett Trail on Buddington Road.
Bryce Gallagher, New kiosk for the Shelton Lakes Community Garden and Trail System

Dan Heiden, Troop 55, Kiosk for Nells Rock Trail.
Josh Kreitler Troop 27, Paugussett Tr. 1/3 mile extension, including bridge, north of Buddington Rd.
Gabe Brown, Troop 55, Hope Lake arch bridge to island.
Daniel Vigezzi, Troop 27, Paugussett Tr. bridge near Independence Drive.
Wesley Sekelsky, Troop 27, Paugussett Tr. reroute and 2 bridges near Independence Drive.
Matt Vittori Troop 27 Kiosk for Birchbank Trail
Logan Clair, Troop 27, Nells Rock Trail bridge and trail stabilization.

Liam  Fama, Troop 28, Bridge for Birchbank Trail, Upper White Hills Brook lower crossing.
Mike Yevich, Troop 27, Bridge for Birchbank Trail, Upper White Hills Brook upper crossing

Nick Shigo, Troop 55, Paugussett Tr. bypass & bridge rebuilt at "J"-Pond
Dylan Spagnuolo, Troop 19, Kiosk for Rec Path at Lane Street
Kenny Giangregorio, Kiosk and rock repair at Eklund Garden, Paugussett Trail

Craig Richard, Nells Rock trailhead improvements, drainage - Troop 27
Chris Cavuoto, Birchbank kiosk (installed at Indian Well) - Troop 27

Spencer Tate, Two heavy bridges for the Rec Path off of Wesley Drive.

Adam Cleri, Kiosk for Turkey Trot Trail
c.2005 David Holden, Troop 101, Kiosk for Oak Valley Trail at Rt. 108/ Powerlines.
c.2005 John Lebate, stabilized approaches to Oak Valley Tr. bridge at Hope Lake inlet.

Andrew Lautenschlager, Troop 28, Kiosk at Gristmill Trail.
Steve Ng, Kiosk for the Rec Path at Pine Lake
Royce York, entrance improvements at Nells Rock Trail, including split-rail fence

Joshua Liposky, Kiosk and small bridges, Oak Valley Trailhead (at Hope Lake picnic area).

Vivek Bellore, bridge for Oak Valley Trail over Hope Lake inlet stream.


  1. The 2 projects in 2009 are Troop 27 projects.

  2. Andrew Lautenschlager and troop 28 also installed a bench on the trail along the river.

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  4. Vivek Bellore, Royce York, Steven Ng, Adam Cleri and Spencer Tate are all Troop 3 Derby Eagle Scouts from Shelton.