Monday, March 29, 2010

Dylan's Kiosk

As part of his goal of achieving Eagle Scout status, Dylan Spagnuolo of Troop 19 has taken on a project that encompasses the planning, preparation and construction of a kiosk at the Huntington entrance to the Shelton Rec Path on Lane Street. Prior to this, he had planned and coordinated maintenance and improvements of the Huntington Woods section of the Rec Path, removing rocks, cutting back overgrown brush and stabilizing muddy areas. Dylan had assistance from members of his troop along with adult supervision where required. Much of the construction of the kiosk itself was completed off-site, the components trucked to Lane Street, and the final assembly and erection was done Sunday just before the torrential rains started.

The base assembly had to be positioned in place, leveled and plumbed, and the concrete mix had to set before the roof could be positioned.

Due to the weight of the pressure-treated lumber used in the roof assembly, a crane on a wrecker was necessary to lift and position the roof for fastening.

This clever kiosk design incorporates panels on both the front and back for posting materials.

Positioning this roof would have been dangerous, if not impossible, without the use of the wrecker. Good planning on Dylan's part.

The final product, a well-built and eye-pleasing addition to the Rec Path, and a project well executed by Dylan and his crew. We wish him well on his road to Eagle Scout!

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