Saturday, July 10, 2010

Rich Brought Water to Riverview

It was a deceptively sticky morning today at Riverview Park. A bunch of us gathered to do maintenance on The Bluff Walk, a historic trail overlooking the Housatonic River. Fortunately for us Rich remembered his younger days in far-away tropical climates and brought along a lot of ice cold water (in smaller non-green containers).

The Bluff Walk was so overgrown in some areas it was hard to see there was a trail. We cut back the Japanese Knotweed, briars, and poison ivy behind the Little League baseball diamond using a variety of implements of destruction. We then brought in and placed mulch to make it easier to follow part of the trail, picked up garbage, fixed signs, blew off leaves and debris, raked, and generally spruced up the place. There's still some work to do, but we can save that until cooler weather this fall.

We had one customer and her dog come through as we were just getting one end of the mulched section finished. We timed it good and finished just as the storm was rolling in. Riverview Park on Rt. 110 is a great little urban park with some nice historic features and views of the Housatonic River - enjoy the walk this summer.

Jim, Rich, Bill & Sheri with a job well done. Enjoy The Bluff Walk- just bring some water.