Shelton Trail Monitors

Be a Trail Monitor! 

Shelton is starting a volunteer "Trail Monitor" program in 2018 where people can adopt a section of trail to keep an eye on. There are about 30 miles of  trails in Shelton, and we aren't able to consistently monitor all of them. If a tree falls over a trail in the middle of the forest and no one is there to report it, does it get removed? Eventually, yes, but it could be months.

What does a Trail Monitor do? The most important aspect of the job is to walk or bike the trail periodically, especially after big storms and during the peak growing season (May-July), and update the Trails Committee so we know where to best direct our resources. Problems might include:

  • blowdowns
  • overgrown spots (especially in open areas)
  • blazes obscured, missing, or faded
  • illegal activity (fires, ATVs, camping, dumping)
  • bridge in need of repairs

Light maintenance is also encouraged for minor issues, like removing sticks across the trail after a big storm, or clearing minor overgrowth or any random raspberry branches crossing the trail.

Because the Shelton Trail Monitor commits to watching over a specific section of trail, this type of volunteer service is ideal for people who already routinely walk or bike a specific route. If you are willing to be a Trail Monitor, please email

Gristmill Trail (Mill Street)- Matt McGee
Birchbank Trails - none
Boehm Pond Trails (Far Mill Street/Winthrop Woods Rd) - Julian Maleski, Greg Hayden, Jeff Rossi
Bluff Walk at Riverview Park - Deusa Hughes (summer only)
Pearmain Path (Yellow square blaze, Nicholdale Farm to Pearmain Road) - Danielle Morrison
Stockmal Trail - Ilona Koteles Camarota
Nichols Trail - Joanne Murphy; Nick Sheridan
Little Pond Trail (Beech Tree Hill Rd) - Nick Sheridan

Trails at Shelton Lakes: 
Turkey Trot Trail (white loop north of Rt 108) - Sally Campbell
Oak Valley Trail - (white loop south of Rt 108) - Ellen Cramp
Nells Rock Trail (white loop south of Oak Valley Rd) - Aimé Fraser
Basil Brook Bypass (not blazed, off Wesley Drive) - Aimé Fraser
Dog Paw Path (near Dog Park) - Susan Sapiro
Blue/White Oak Valley Connector (near Rt 108) - none

Paugussett "Blue Dot" Trail: This trail is managed by CFPA, who designates volunteer "Trail Managers" to maintain the trail with the assistance of the Trails Committee. Trail Monitors would report to the Trail Manager for the Paugussett. The sections shown can be adjusted or combined as needed based on the preference of the Trail Monitor.

Paugussett Trail North (CFPA Trail Managers: Terry &Teresa Gallagher):
Monroe border to Thoreau Drive (0.3 miles) - Laura Van Scoy
Poet Path section (Thoreau Drive to Princess Wenonah Drive) - Laura Van Scoy; Robert Gallant
Birchbank (Round Hill Road to Birchbank Trail/the chimney) - Mark Vallaro, Billy Donofrio
Birchbank Trail to "The Boulders" - Billy Donofrio
Indian Well ("The Boulders" to Indian Well Road) - none

Paugussett Trail South (CFPA Trail Manager: None)
Indian Well Falls parking to Rt 110 - Teresa Gallagher
Rt 110 to Mayflower Lane - Sheri Dutkanicz
Meadow Street to Independence Drive - Bob Streb
Independence Drive to Shelton Ave - Bob Streb
Shelton Ave to Oak Valley Road (Eklund Garden) - Rob Stout
Oak Valley Road to Buddington Road - Rob Stout

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