Sunday, May 15, 2016

Boehm Pond Woodpeckers

Woodpeckers were on the loose along the Boehm Pond Trail in Shelton yesterday.  The Farmill Open Space has a number of downed trees and some of them make great habitat for woodpeckers.  Signs of woodpeckers were everywhere.

The Conn DEEP has a good fact sheet on local woodpeckers.  Apparently we have 7 different species in Connecticut, and when they're not twacking on the side of our house at dawn they do a good job of helping recycle trees that have blown down in storms.  We may have discovered an 8th species of woodpecker yesterday:

A pair of Picoides volunteerus (Scruffy Volunteer Woodpeckers) were creating loud noises and sawdust along Boehm Pond Brook clearing a multiple blow down that had lodged itself across the Yellow Trail.

An oak tree had fallen in a storm, hit another tree, that then toppled a twin tree, which hit another tree which split the twin tree like a wishbone after Thanksgiving Dinner.  Nature can be messy in surprising creative ways at times.

After a while, and some side trips for extra gas, files for dull chains, and a backup chain saw, the mess was cleared and the trail restored.  You can see where the Picoides volunteerus have been at work as you hike the trail.

Meanwhile Jimmy, Val, Anthony, and Mike were clearing the rest of the White and Yellow trails to make the footing easier and clearer.  (They also made it easier for the birds, squirrels, and chipmunks to find the covered acorns).  The woods were bustling with wildlife after they finished.

The White Trail crosses Boehm Pond Brook at this rippling cascade (mind your footing) before crossing Winthrop Woods Road to get to the Pond.

Boehm Pond is tucked away in the woods and is a secluded fishing spot.  If you're quiet you may see some wildlife.  There were 4 deer who were hanging out at mid-day in the swamp near the pond.

Stop and look around in this park and you may see some interesting things, like this little wildflower along the trail.  There are some great locations where it's surprising quiet (when there's not a trails work party going on), and you can enjoy the birds, wildlife, babbling brooks, huckleberries, and maybe even catch a fish for dinner.  Take some time to explore the Boehm Pond Trail as part of the 2016 Shelton Trails Marathon.  You may be happy that you did.  Thanks to all our volunteers that took time on a beautiful Saturday to help with Spring Cleaning.