Friday, May 11, 2012

So this is where the trail is...

Hikers can now more easily follow the Paugussett Trail (blue) from Meadow Street towards Shelton Lakes. Richard and Jim pulled a mower across the meadows, and Teresa added some blazes and a dozen tall stakes  topped with blue.

Last year the City unexpectedly created an opening in the large stone wall that runs along Meadow Street and installed a big gate.  Until that point, we were not exactly sure where the trail would come out onto Meadow Street because the tall wall blocked the trail and a stile would have been needed to cross it, but the new gate is now the obvious spot.  It's located opposite Mayflower Lane, up the hill from the High School, and there are now some blue blazes on the gate. People in the neighborhood can now access the Shelton Lakes trail network and the reservoirs via the blue trail, but it can be pretty wet (can you say "Eagle Scout projects???) and waterproof boots are a definite necessity this time of year.