Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Birchbank Trail Vandalism

Trail blazes are relatively vandal proof, but someone still managed to mess up the blazes at Birchbank near the Fox Hollow area and leading to the chimney area. First, someone painted hideous pink blazes all over the place. I count seven blazes in the above photo alone.

And then someone spray paint dark blue blazes along part of the trail from the upper stream crossing down the the junction with the blue dot trail. It's very confusing now because they actually painted over the official white blazes. GRRRRR.....

Birchbank Hike

The Trails Committee sponsored a guided hike at Birchbank Mtn this evening after work. The unofficial theme of the walk seemed to be little dogs -- we had five total. The top photo is the first crossing over Upper White Hills Brook.
Here's Terry & Bill.
Here comes Polly and her terriers after about half the party took a wrong turn. Near the upper stream crossing the trail can be tricky, especially now since someone has been messing with the trail blazes.

This is where the Monroe Rod & Gun club used to have their lodge.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Tree House Redux

"Hmmm! Looks like I left the door unlocked!"

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