Thursday, May 16, 2019

NOTICE: Rec Path closures and vehicular traffic pending

Trail map showing the Rec Path
Users of the Shelton Lakes Recreation Path ("Rec Path") should be aware of an upcoming major construction project that will impact a section of trail near Wesley Drive for about six months.

The Lane Street bridge over Means Brook, located near Huntington Street in Huntington Center, will be completely removed and replaced. During construction, Lane Street will be closed at the bridge. Access to Lane Street will be via a temporary paved road over the Rec Path between Wesley Drive and the east end of Lane Street (see map). This section of trail has served as an emergency accessway that can be used in the event of a major fire or other emergency. 

Rec Path from Wesley Drive, on emergency access road

The Rec Path will be widened to accommodate a 22-foot wide temporary roadway (Lane Street is 16 feet wide).  This will require major trees to be cut. The road will them be temporarily paved to prevent problems with dust. Expect trail closures while the trail is converted to a paved road.

Rec Path users will then be required to share the road with vehicles for the duration of the project, about six months. When the bridge work is complete, the pavement on the Rec Path will be removed. 

Lane Street from Huntington Street, with bridge. 
For more information about the bridge project, see this article from the Herald. Construction questions should be directed to the City Engineering Department.