Saturday, December 19, 2009

Before the Storm

There was a lot of activity in Shelton today despite the cold and wind. I think everybody was trying to play beat the clock before the Nor'easter hit and the snow shuts down everything.

Lynn Reid was back from vacation & decorated the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree in the Land Trust Meadow off Lane Street. The RecPath will be in the proper festive spirit for the holidays.

Ray & Dylan Spaguolo got some fresh air on a balmy Saturday morning out digging holes for the sign kiosk at the Lane St. entrance to the Shelton Lakes Recreation Path. Dylan is completing the project for his Eagle Scout badge. The parts for the kiosk are cut and due to be fabricated. Maybe Ray will get his parking spot back in the garage for Christmas. Gotta love a father & son spending quality time together using crow bars and post hole diggers.

The Parks & Recreation Dept. Crew has been busy this week at the White House on Nells Rock Road clearing and chipping trees for a Bark Park. I think the public will really enjoy this in Spring if it is done well. The Parks guys look like they're doing a good job. I hope the Mayor and Aldermen have a sit down meeting with everybody involved so the Bark Park works properly with the Red Barn, Recreation Path, future Greenway Center, trailhead parking, etc.

This happy puppy was taking his family for a winter walk on the RecPath along the Turkey Trot Trail - they didn't mind the cold weather. And neither did a lot of other people. I saw a pack (gaggle, covey, flock?) of mountain bikers on the powerlines, power walkers along Independence Drive, some trail runners on the Turkey Trot, dog walkers, and two really hardy young guys running in shorts along Willoughby Road. And this was all when it was cold and blowing.

There was a lot of activity on the trails & open spaces before the storm. Wonder what the snow will bring.

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