Friday, December 1, 2017

Joe Singh Eagle Scout Project: Paugussett Reroute

The trail is now off of the utility road
Joe Singh from Troop 18 lead a project to relocate the Paugussett Trail off of a utility road and into some very thick and thorny barberry. The original trail heading up the utility road north from Constitution Blvd wasn't all that bad until the utility company surfaced it with cobble-sized crushed stone, at which point it was a real ankle-twister. An potential alternative route had always existed, but was so covered with thick barberry that no one had felt it was worth the work. 
"Before": A sea of Japanese Barberry
But after the cobblestones appeared on the utility road, staff used some GIS and GPS technology to flag a route through the barberry that avoided (invisible) pockets of wetland. It was then up to the Scouts to clear it all out. What a big job!

The reroute on Google Earth
A connecting reroute through the new Maybeck property (see map) had been done a few months previously, taking the trail off of the meadow, so that when the Scout portion was done, there was quite a bit of new trail. 

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