Monday, October 8, 2012

Greetings from Shelton Day

 Greetings from Shelton Day 2012

Bill, Sandie, Terry & Lynn posed with Thirsty the Aquarion Water Company Penguin.  Maybe next year we can get a mascot suit made up for Bill to wear.

We had a great booth location between Dunkin' Doughnuts and Danny O's thanks to Sheri's planning.  This is probably the best spot for a Trail Party.

The threat of rain hung over Howe Avenue as Shelton Day kicked off on October 12th.

A barbecue booth was next to us and Liquid Lunch was across the street.  It was really tough trying to talk to the public about open space when all you can smell is meat-on-a-stick from next door.  

At least we wouldn't starve to death.

We talked to a lot of folks about trails and open space in town.  We handed out lots of maps.

One of our biggest hits were the Empire apples from Beardsley Orchards.  And they were good for holding the maps down in the wind.  We were just trying to support our local farmers.  Now all we need is some of Dan's hard cider & maybe then we can line up some trails volunteers.

We were trying to sign up trails volunteers, but we wound up talking to everybody who was interested in open space; including ourselves.

We even did a little dog sitting while talking to folks.

Rich & Terry standing around looking harmless during a dry period.

Polly, Bill & Lynn in front of one of our favorite downtown businesses.  Now if only we can get them to deliver along the trails.

Rich cleaning up at the end -somebody's got to do it.  It was a great time & we'd like to thank the Shelton-Derby Rotary Club for letting us help out again.  We look forward to doing it again next year.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Grand Opening Festivities

The GRAND OPENING of the Shelton Lakes Recreation Path was held this past October 6th, 2012.  After 20 years of planning, property acquisition  and piece by piece construction the 4.1 miles of RecPath was completed this year.

 It was a great day for a party.  Thanks to the Parks and Recreation Department for setting up and taking down the tent that the Boys and Girls Club was kind enough to lend to us.  We had a BAND.  Sammy Blanchette and the Nameless Trio played great bluegrass.  There were festive decorations from Jones Family Farm, and apples from Beardsley Orchards, doughnuts, coffee, maps, and other goodies.

Some of the people from the Conservation Commission who had a hand in the development over the years; Ed McCreary, Tom Harbinson, and Jim Tate.  Note that they are staying close to the food table.

Many local dignitaries attended.  There were some excellent speeches from Representative Perillo, Mayor Lauretti, former Conservation Commissioner Jones. The ribbon was cut with John Anglace, Jack Finn, Mayor Lauretti, Tom Harbinson, Terry Jones, and Jason Perrillo.

Various groups broke off to hike and bike the RecPath afterwards.  There were a lot of people out taking advantage of the great weather along the trails.

It was a splendid day to celebrate the opening of one of Connecticut's finest Greenways and multi-use paths.  Thanks to everyone who helped create the Greenway, and to everyone who came out to enjoy the beautiful day.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Come On Down for the Grand Opening Celebration

Come On Down and enjoy the Shelton Lakes Recreation Path Celebration with us tomorrow.  The ribbon cutting, food, band, and other festivities start at 9:30 Saturday 10/6/12. at the Nells Rock Trailhead on Curtis Corner (Rt 108 at Nells Rock Road).  

The Shelton Parks and Recreation Department guys set up the tent today.  Thanks to the Valley Boys and Girls Club for loaning it to us.

The Conservation Commission has a full agenda planned.  We have produce from various local farms and businesses such as Beardsley Orchards and Jones Family Farms.  Nestle' has donated beverages. In addition there will be fresh local cider, apples, coffee (OK the coffee was not grown in Shelton), and other good stuff for the public.

Sammy Blanchette and the Nameless Trio will be performing GREAT folk and bluegrass.

We have a HIKE and BIKE EVENT scheduled at 11:00 from the Pine Lake Gateway after all the ribbon cutting.

There will be shuttle RIDES back to Pine Lake after the event.  Or, you may chose to drop a car off in Huntington Center and offer someone a ride back to the start.

We'll end in Huntington Center after the hike near the Huntington Street Cafe, where rumor has it, they have wonderful FOOD and BEVERAGES.

So come out and ENJOY a great Fall morning exploring one of the best greenways in Connecticut.