Monday, October 21, 2013

New Kiosk at Nells Rock

An incredible total of eight Eagle Scout projects were undertaken this summer.  This new kiosk at the Abbey Wright parking lot for Nells Rock Trail is Dan Heiden's project, from Troop 55.  Some hikers left a note on the plexiglass. 

Note left by some random hikers.
 We agree!

Kiosk stocked with info.

I put the note under the glass with the trail map and signs. 

Trail map with QR code
The trail map has a QR code that people with a smart phone can scan in order to have the map on their phone. Over half of Americans now own a smart phone, and since people tend to hike in groups, there is a good chance someone in the group will be able to scan the code.  So QR codes are a very handy way to provide trail maps to the public. Paper maps left at kiosks have to be restocked frequently and also tend to get wet. 
Map obtained by scanning the QR code.
To scan a QR code with a smart phone, you need to have a bar code reader app installed. My phone came with one pre-installed, but some people need to download an app. You open the app and scan the QR code, which causes a web link to appear on your phone. Just touch that link, and the map will load. You can zoom in or pan around the map as needed to see it clearly.  

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