Monday, June 22, 2009

Work Party

While Terry Gallagher was busy clearing trails...

The rest of the crew was wandering aimlessly about

or testing the water level of the power lines jungle floor.

Actually, a work party scheduled at the power lines at Route 108 fell short of expectations, as the crummy weather kept volunteers away. Terry got there early to do some weed whacking, as he had to leave due to previous engagements. The rest of us decided to scout a route through the power line clearing to the Wiecek farm.
The trail from 108 to Independence Drive was clear and relatively easy going. However, following the power lines from there to Wellington Court was wet and thick, though we were able to wend our way through, stepping over alligators, pythons, and unidentified jungle critters along the way. The short section between Wellington and Constitution Blvd North was impassable without using heavy duty bush-busting equipment. We snuck through an adjacent yard, but recommend walking the short distance down the street to the intersection with Constitution Blvd.
The remainder of the power line trail was wet, but passable, to the edge of the Wiecek farm. As the fields there were overgrown and wet, we terminated our survey there and headed back, via Constitution and the Turkey Trot trail, wet, tired, but comforted with the knowlege that we had not had to sully our hands with trail clearing work this time.
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