Tuesday, March 20, 2018

New Trail Maps: Nicholdale Farm & Willis Woods

We've just added a couple new maps to our page of trail maps: Nicholdale Farm and Willis Woods.  The properties are located on either side of Leavenworth Road/Rt 110 in the White Hills. These are Land Trust properties where the public can access two City-maintained hiking trails: Stockmal Trail and the Pearmain Path. These two trails cross nearby private properties by agreements with the landowners as a condition of state grants awarded to the City (be sure to stay on the blazed trails in these areas and wear bright colors during hunting season). 

Willis Woods

During 2017, our entire trail system was gps'd and entered into the City's GIS mapping system, along with various features like parking areas. With this new tool, we'll be able to update more of our maps in the future, including the Shelton Lakes area. Another option will be interactive online trail maps if time allows. Enjoy!

Nicholdale Farm Map