Monday, October 17, 2022

Haz Waste Day

 Shelton's 2022 Hazardous Waste Day is this Saturday, 10/22/22.  Residents can drop off things like paint thinner, fertilizer, and pesticides, for disposal, free of charge.  Refer to the above link for what the City will accept and details.  The drop off is Saturday, from 9:00 to 1:00, at the Highways and Bridges Yard at 41 Myrtle Street in downtown.


Nobody wants to find stuff like this junk abandoned at their favorite trail.

Every year, people dump off things under bridges, at trail heads, and roadsides where they can cause pollution and impact parks and open spaces.  Take advantage of this day to clean out your garage or basement of old, rusty cans of chemicals legally, and protect our open spaces.

Lets keep our open spaces clean, like former Trails Committee Member Peter Conway, picking up trash at Hope Lake. So take advantage of Shelton's Hazardous Waste Day this Saturday, 10/22/22.

Saturday, October 8, 2022

Doh, a Deer

It was a splendid Saturday morning at John Dominick Drive for the beginning of the work party to cut brush along Nells Loop Trail.   The trail head at the end of the cul-de-sac made for a shorter haul to get tools out to the powerlines.  

Mike Flament noted that there was a blow down hanging over the trail by the Paugussett Trail crossing so we brought the chainsaw too.

This trail junction must be cursed for trees.  I think this is the third blow down that we've had at this spot in the last three years.  It was a smaller cherry tree that was partially hung up, but it came down without too much trouble. 


And it was another blazed tree too.   But the trails are clear now.

This portion of Nells Loop passes along the powerlines.  Ted was cutting brush and collecting trash to haul out.

There were some scenic views along the powerlines.  The trees and shrubs were just starting to turn color.

The greenbriar had little blue berries on them.  Other shrubs along the powerlines were also showing berries or seeds as their summer growth was starting to die back.

Ellen and Mike worked up along Nells Rock Trail.  The open sun along the powerlines creates a lush growing environment.  The others spread out along Nells Loop, Basil Brook Bypass, and portions of the Paugussett Trail and the RecPath.  

Bill noted that there was a small tree down across the Basil Brook Bypass.

Another dead ash tree - sigh!  You could climb over it, but it was an obstacle for mountain bikes so we cut it out.

After, much clearer.

There was a small bridge south of the tree that was in not so great shape.  The bridge was built by mountain bikers, not actually part of the trail system, and maybe should be replaced some day.

Going back to the group I heard some snorting and stamping noises as I collected the chainsaw and gear.

The deer was watching me like a trailside superintendent.  I couldn't tell if she was unhappy with my cutting job, or annoyed with all the noise we were making.  The doe just kept stamping and snorting, and for some reason a verse from a song came to mind.

We worked our way back toward John Dominick Drive cutting as we went.  We got a lot done.  Thanks to Mark, Mike, Bill, Ellen, Ted, Graham, and Terry to today's effort.  

There were a lot of people and dogs out using the trails later in the day around Shelton Lakes.  And a lot of activity around the farms in the White Hills too.  People getting apples, vegetables, pumpkins, wine, or just getting scared at haunted hayrides.  It was a fine weekend to get outside.