Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Eagle Scout Project: Kevin Wokanovicz Paugussett Improvements

Locations of Trail Improvements
(Meadow Street in upper right corner)

Our trail system has been graced with yet another Eagle Scout project, this one from Kevin Wokanovicz from Troop 27. Kevin improved some low areas just south of Meadow Street in an area we call Wiacek Meadows and Wiacek Woods. The Paugussett Trail between Independence Drive and Meadow Street has a number of poorly drained areas (even on the hills) that have been a challenge to hikers, most of whom are just passing through to get from Shelton Lakes to Indian Well. But the trail has been improving a little at a time. 

Bog Walk just south of Meadow Street

Kevin's first spot is close to Meadow Street in the 'tunnel' where a cul-de-sac was almost built (some grading had been started, which explains the topography). A bog walk now crosses a seasonal mud hole. 

"Before" shot of the first mudhole

Spot 2 is located at the south end of the meadow crossing where the trail crosses an old farmers ditch that ran along the edge of the meadow. The crew installed a culvert and then built a causeway across the ditch and dug through a hump of land on the northern edge. 

An old farmer's ditch was leveled out
with a culvert added for drainage

The third spot was just to the south, where the crews installed a second bog walk over a muddy area. These last two spots are on a fairly recent part of the trail, which was rerouted a few years ago. 

Second bogwalk through the Wiacek Woods


Well done!  And we look forward to more Eagle Scout projects along this part of the trail. It keeps getting better.

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