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"What trail do you recommend?" That's a tricky question we get, because different people like different types of walks. And this is even true of our Trails Committee members - everyone likes something different, sometimes radically so. On this page, our Trails Committee members (and staff) offer the trails they most often hike (or bike, in Mike's case). If you're looking for a recommendation, take a look through these hikes and find one that seems to be on your wavelength:

1. Mark Vollaro: Birchbank Mountain. Two-mile lollipop-loop with heart-pumping hills and a great view of the Housatonic River. 

2. Val Gosset: Turkey Trot loop starting at Independence Drive.  A moderately easy 2.3-mile loop at Shelton Lakes featuring the Silent Waters overlook. 

3. Mike Flament: Nells Rock Four Corners.  Mike hikes or bikes to the junction of Nells Rock and the Paugussett Trail, and from there decides which way he'll go that day - the Nells Rock Trail loop or the Paugussett. Easy trails. 

4. Bill Dyer: Boehm Pond. Moderately easy trail system with multiple loop options. You are unlikely to run into other hikers even though you are never far from houses.

5. Terry Gallagher: Gristmill Trail along the Far Mill River. Only 0.3 miles long (each way), but this easy trail is gorgeous.

6. Teresa Gallagher: Paugussett Trail Indian Well to Birchbank Overlook.  This fairly difficult 3.5-mile hike through Burritt's Rocks to a scenic overlook feels a bit like hiking the Appalachian Trail through St. John's Ledges. This hike is not recommended in wet weather due to slick rock. 

Bonus: Tahmore & Indian Well Loop (Teresa Gallagher). A superb 2-mile exercise loop that is also just a really nice hiking trail. Lots of moderate uphill to get the heart pumping with decent footing and a scenic overlook of Lake Housatonic. Optional spur to the Indian Well falls. 

Bonus: Nichols/Pearmain Loop at Nicholdale Farm (Teresa Gallagher). And easy 2-mile loop through forest and fields. 

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