Monday, April 27, 2015

Boppin' Down Basil Brook

After much planning and fantasizing, and waiting for drier and warmer weather, we were finally able to create a rustic diversion off the Shelton Lakes Recreation Path, paralleling Basil Brook and passing through woodlands and Mountain Laurel groves via a winding trail. Our small work party used loppers, a chainsaw and a leaf blower to cut through low brush  and wayward tree limbs to delineate the path in the rougher areas. The new trail starts (or ends) a few hundred feet from where the Rec Path crosses Wesley Drive, cuts down to Basil Brook where it crosses the brook and continues northeast, passing near a picturesqe waterfall, and ultimately emerging at the power lines. A hundred feet or so north on the access trail brings you to the older yellow blaze trail, which in turn runs into the Rec Path (see map). The new trail is approximately one mile end-to-end.

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John, Jim, and Richard find the new trailhead
The lower Basil Brook crossing site, part of an old farm stone wall

Some trees had to be removed
Richard and Jim resort to brute strength
The serenity of the brook. It's why we ran the trail this way

Richard, John and Jim at the waterfalls

Jim and Richard of the Trails Committee were assisted by volunteer John on this work party. Sandie was our photographer. The next day, Lynn, also of the Trails Committee, and with the help of 4 volunteers, worked on brush cutting and cleaning up the mess we made. Thanks to everyone for their assistance. We hope to get a greater turnout for our future work parties, as this one was a satisfying way to spend a few hours of a Saturday morning.