Sunday, March 12, 2017

Brisk Marshmallow March; 3/5/17

No snow this year for the Marshmallow March, but it was crisp & blustery.  We had a number of families turn out to enjoy the great Sunday at Nicholdale on Rt. 110.

Over 28 people, plus 3 well-behaved dogs made good time exploring the Blue-blazed trail on the Shelton Land Trust's property.  We had a great team of energetic path-finders who led us from one blaze to another on the way to the scout camp.

Where some trusty trail volunteers had a welcome campfire going, and some marshmallows for toasting.

It was a little smoky, but everyone seemed to enjoy the warmth of chatting around the campfire.

Rich Skudlarek packed in several thermoses of hot cocoa that were a welcome hit for young and old.

People had a good time picking toasted marshmallows of their sticks.  The Marshmallow March is turning into a great annual family tradition.

Some hikers know how to really work the system; marshmallows, cocoa, and a ride.

We then made our way back to the parking lot.  Since there was no snow we took the longer route along the blue trail.  It was a little blustery at the top of the meadow near Rt 110, but pretty.

Thanks to everybody who came out.  And thanks to the Shelton Land Conservation Trust for hosting the event.  Nicholdale is a great place to see wildlife, particularly during Spring and Fall bird migrations.  And thanks to Rich & Jim for the advance campfire and cocoa preparation.