Saturday, September 5, 2009

Eagle Scout Project - Abbey Wright

Craig Richard, a member of Venture Crew 2727 in White Hills (in my youth they were called Explorer Scouts), had chosen as a community project toward his Eagle Scout award to divert standing water at the Abbey Wright trail head away from the trail, raise the path to avoid puddles and wet areas, and tidy up the area between the street and the parking area by spreading wood chips and planting shrubs. His project included advance planning, meeting with the affected parties, soliciting donations, and supervising the labor involved. He was assisted by members of his Venture Crew and supported by members of his family.

Work begins on digging a drainage ditch to alleviate ponding at the beginning of the trail.

Craig and friend relocate huge obstacle from projected trench path.

Back-breaking work, but that's what young men are for!

Another crew spreads wood chips between the road and the parking area

Crew 2727 pulls together to help Craig meet his objectives. break!
Pipes laid, trench filled, path raised with millings, looks good! Job well done by Craig Richards and the men of Venture Crew 2727!

Check out the Venture Crew 2727 web site:

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  1. Yea...Dry feet, Nice!

  2. I sent a note to one of the leaders of Troop 2727 thanking them for all their hard work & this was the reply. When people are enjoying the trail this Fall I hope they remember to thank the individuals that made all the improvements. I told Craig Richard, the lead scout, that he could add "experience with excavation and drainage" to his resume.

    Very nice posting on the website. Thank you. I'll be sure to make everyone in the Crew aware. We have another Eagle project repairing trail heads in a couple weeks.

    Best regards,
    Chuck Gallucci