Saturday, September 27, 2014

New Trail on Beech Tree Hill

Shelton has a new access trail in the White Hills, courtesy of Luke Claire from Boy Scout Troop 27 as part of the Eagle Scout program.   Although the property is small -- only 4.5 acres -- and the trail is only 500 feet long, it leads to a scenic pond that was previously inaccessible to the general public. 

OS #64-04  
The open space has plenty of frontage along both Pine Tree Hill Road and Beech Tree Hill Road, but it's nearly impossible to walk through the dense vegetation in many places, especially along Pine Tree Hill Road. The new trail begins on Beech Tree Hill Road, between houses #36 and #40. 

The footing was rather rough, so a thick layer of wood chips was spread across the trail. 


  1. Thank you Luke Claire!

  2. In addition to the scenic aspects, there is a strong likehood that there are bass and other fish in that pond that fishermen now have an access trail to try their luck.