Saturday, July 17, 2021

'Twas a Steamy Saturday

It 'twas a steamy Saturday morning for cutting brush along the RecPath.  The kind of muggy July morning when the sweat started running down your nose just walking out to the job, instead of waiting till you'd been working for a bit.   But we had a good crew and got a lot done, but we were a bit of a leaf-spackled mess by the end of the work party.

Here's Graham, Mark, Matt, Mike, Luis, & Jeff at the end.  Tired, sweaty and victorious.  Bob & Terry were elsewhere.

It started out pretty.  Allison's flowers over by the Trail Barn & Dog Park were in bloom.  It's one of the scenic treats along the RecPath.

The crossing on the N. side of Rt. 108 was cleared out to improve sightlines and to get back some of our 8 foot wide path.  There was a lot of poison ivy and mugwort growing there.

Bob Wood spent a lot of time cutting back brush and vines amidst the poison ivy at the entry.

The edges of the RecPath were cleared to keep the vines, briars, and raspberries away from the Path users.  It was a busy morning with a lot of hikers, dog walkers, runners and bikers using the Path.  We'll have to remember to bring our "work party ahead" signs next time.

The stonework for the two dams that the RecPath runs on top of are always impressive to look at when we stop for a second.

If you look close you can see the hand cut drill holes where the stones were split with chisels during the 1800's.  Makes our work today look easy.

The  jungle on both sides of the RecPath was cut back.  The growth was thickest on the southern dam with the bridge overlooking Silent Waters.

The pond looked very pretty with all the lilly pads.

The Woodland sunflowers were just starting to bloom along the N. end of the dam.  These native species are on the east side of the Path a little south of the canoe launch area.

Darn Mugwort was growing everywhere.  It's an invasive species that crowds out native plants and we try to cut it where we can.

It was a good work party, now time to put away the instruments of destruction.

And enjoying the flowers along the RecPath by the Dog Park.