Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Birchbank Kiosk by Matt Vittori

Birchbank Mountain Open Space has a sturdy new kiosk thanks to Matt Vittori's efforts to become an Eagle Scout.  This picture was taken from Birchbank Road, which might also be called Indian Well Road in that spot. This location has always been difficult to describe to hikers, and many confuse it with Indian Well State Park (the white trail at Indian Well is a full mile to the south).  We've been asking for a kiosk in this location for a few years now. 

The team had a crane.  A crane!

The kiosk is strategically located in front of a large boulder. Hopefully this will discourage people from vandalism-by-truck. And it looks nice. 

The kiosk looks nice and sturdy.

The Birchbank Mountain Open Space now has two Eagle Scout bridges, a kiosk, and another Eagle Scout project is in the works to address the extreme erosion issues along parts of the trails. All the efforts have made the park more accessible to hikers looking for a more of a workout while they hike (the elevation gain for Birchbank Trail is about 300 feet), or those who just want to enjoy the waterfalls and famous spring wildflower display.  Great job! 

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