Thursday, April 3, 2014

Heavy Haulin'

 Several weeks ago, mainly due to unsafe conditions, it was decided to disassemble and remove the fisherman's arch bridge built last year as an Eagle Scout project on Hope Lake (see "Ice Capades at Hope Lake"  blog of February 1). The lumber recovered is valuable and will be recycled for future projects. Shelton Trails Committee members and volunteers moved what seemed like tons of lumber from the bridge site to a secured location.

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The remains of the bridge were left on site, a short distance from the closest road.

The John Deere Gator was helpful in hauling out the shorter lengths

Josh and Jonathan haul two of the 15 footers, which made up most of the lumber, out to the road
Jim and Mike unload the Gator (Richard drives) as Sheri and Bill prepare the truck bed
Tom's truck was able to handle the 12 and 15 foot lengths for the move

At the storage location, the group works on unloading the truck
"Don't just stand somethin'!" Terry kids daughter Emma
Mike, Bill, and Terry formulate the most efficient lumber stacking plan
The Moving Crew: Thanks to Committee members and volunteers Jonathan, Bill, Emma, Terry, Tom, Sheri, Mike, and brothers Josh and Zachary. Not pictured were Jim, Richard, and Sandie, who is not pictured because she took the picture
The young men (no, Mike's not THAT young!) volunteered as part of their Community service commitment with their school. Our work parties provide an excellent opportunity for students, both men and women, to not only earn hours toward community service, but also become familiar with outdoor activities in their town and engage in light physical labor in a social atmosphere. We hope to see both new and repeat volunteers on future work parties.

Special thanks to Conservation Commission Chairman Tom Harbinson for providing his truck (as well as his back), without which this move would have been impossible.