Report a Problem

We could use your help! If you see any obstruction that may interfere with safe passage on any of our trails, such as a tree or tree limb, or any vandalism of our structures, barriers, or the trail itself, including illegal use of trails by ATVs or dirt bikes, please let someone know. Many people assume we know about these problems, but often we have no idea.

For illegal activity that is in progress: Call the Shelton Police 203-924-1544.  This non-emergency number will be most appropriate for many such activities such as ATVs, vandalism, roaming dogs, paintball wars, or late-night parties with fires (only use 911 for true emergencies).  POACHING: Hunting is currently prohibited on all city-owned open space properties. If you see a deer stand on open space call the CT DEEP Environmental Police at 24-hr TIP line: 800-842-4357. A State officer will try to catch the poacher in the act, so don't interfere with any tree stands or feeding stations you find.   Please follow up all reports to the Police with an email to the Conservation Department 

Trails and Open Space Maintenance issues:  Email or call 203-924-1555 x1315.  Use this to report trees down across the trail, blazing issues, overgrown trails, campsites, graffiti, illegal trails, chronic ATV use, and wildlife issues.

Trees or storm debris across trail
Rotted or vandalized fence rails

Vandalized bench

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  1. hi, I live close to the rec trail head on Lane St. it is great need of signs indicating people and bikes entering the trail. Much like the new ones put in on Wesley ave. There is also a need for a cross walk on Huntington to Lane St. Older people walking dogs, young people pushing babies all coming to walk on the trail this should be a great safety concern. thank you for your help