Sunday, November 10, 2013

Logan Clare's Scout Project at Nells Rock

Logan's was another in a great series of scout projects on Shelton's trail system this we've benefited from this year.  He was working on the Nells Rock Loop on the Abby Wright Open Space on Nells Rock Road.

Coming out of the parking lot if you go left you will soon cross a boulder field that the trail traverses.  Logan and his team dug up a number of loose stones in that and re-laid them in a level tread.  The idea was to keep the trail corridor looking rustic, but improve the footing so you didn't have to bust an ankle getting across the rocks.  The trail goes between a ledge and swamp in this spot and it's the only route.

But busting rocks isn't all that Logan's team from Troop 27 did.  They also built a short bridge over a stream (dry due to drought in this photo, but often wet) further out on the loop.  The nice thing about Nells Rock Trail is that is a stacked Figure 8 trail so you can do a short inner loop, a longer outer loop, or tie in in with a longer walk along the Shelton Lakes network

These trails are also particularly good for cross country skiing and snowshoeing, so get out and enjoy them this fall and winter.  Thanks Logan for all your help on Shelton's trails.   Now Troop 27 has to schedule a winter skiing or snowshoeing event on Nells Loop.

Update:  A surplus of $62.00 was donated to the Conservation Commission, and is ear-marked for future Scout projects. 

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