Monday, November 4, 2013

Bobcats in Derby Next Week

The CT DEEEP is hosting a very civilized talk about Bobcats in Connecticut in Derby next week.

Ok, maybe not this civilized.  But the talk will be civilized and there'll be a live bobcat at the Kellogg Center in Derby next Tuesday November 12th at 7:00.  The Center is located on Hawthorne Avenue just off Rt. 34 and is a great place for a nature talk.

You can learn a lot of good Bobcat Facts and may even be able to tell the difference between a bobcat and a mountain lion.  The cost is $5 (suggested).

It sounds like fun, and my favorite part is at the end, when they take the child or person from the audience who was most annoying during the talk, give him or her a head start, and see if they can out-race the bobcat to the lobby.  People are allowed to bet on how far they get.  OK, this last part may be exaggerated, but they might just start next week and my money is on the turtle pond.  

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