Thursday, October 13, 2011

Nells Loop Trail Blowdowns

The Nells Loop Trail off the Abby Wright parking lot (on Nells Rock Road by L'Hermitage) took a big hit from Hurricane Irene. A couple of weeks ago Jim & Rich spent the better part of the day clearing blowdowns so the trail is now passable.

Some trees were so badly broken that they had to take the whole tree down just to clear the widowmakers that were hung up.

This big oak was across the trail near John Dominick Drive. It took a while but the guys were able to clear a path thru the end of this.

There is still some work to do but the trails are passable. Thanks for all the hard work guys.

We'll be working on the Far Mill Trail behind ASF Sports on River Road 10/15 at 8:30. There are a lot of blowdowns and washouts in there, so the more the merrier. Come out and help maintain your trails.

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