Monday, October 17, 2011

Harriet's Bench Restored

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Harriet's Bench, named after the late Harriet Wilbur, a longtime member of the Conservation Commission and a respected Shelton citizen, has finally been returned after a prolonged absence to it's rightful place overlooking the pastoral setting of the Shelton Land Trust's meadow off Lane Street. Originally hand-built with loving care by her friends several years ago as a memorial to Harriet, the bench had to be removed due to extensive vandalism and graffiti. Over the summer it has been restored close to it's original condition in the hope that those that use it to rest and enjoy the serenity of the meadow also respect the sanctity of this memorial. Enjoy the shade and the view!


  1. Wow thanks! I ate my lunch there yesterday, and it wasn't there! It's beautiful..

  2. Nice job Rich & Jim. I think Harriet's family & friends will be happy to see her bench back where it belongs.