Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Eversource Trail Closure Status

(updated Oct 18, 2023):  The trails at Shelton Lakes are open! We are still fixing up some of the trail crossings, so hikers may encounter sections under the powerlines that are unblazed or that have uneven footing. 

French's Hill remains inaccessible due to active construction, probably for the remainder of the year.  Typical construction hours are 7AM-7PM Monday through Saturday.  See this previous post for more info about the project. Consider exploring our other trails such as Boehm Pond,  Nicholdale Farm, Birchbank Mountain, Tahmore Trail, and Woodsend Trail at Housatonic Woods.  


  1. Maybe they can at the very least move their fencing on sundays so people can walk through. I know how eversource works, show up at 9, start work 10-11. Stop at 3ish. Take 6 months to complete a project caring nothing about the people who utilize the trails for their exercise/walks.

  2. And they arent even working everyday but yet their jeep the fencing up.