Saturday, June 25, 2022

It's June - Time for a Paugusett Trail Clearing at Sinsabaugh

 It's June, again.  Time to cut brush along the trails.

This week it's the Paugussett Trail from Mayflower Drive down to Rt. 110 by Indian Well S.P.

We met a Sinsabaugh Heights off Meadow St.  Notice how clean and dry everyone is at the start of the work party.

This is a "Before" photo with Graham tackling the briars and mugwort going downhill.  The areas that get a lot of sun always explode in June.

Further down Brooklyn, Ellen, Val, and the others cut back the jungle by the detention basin.  Once they got downhill into the woods it got better.  Just a sea of barberry.

"After"  All clear down to Rt. 110.  Luis and Nick drove down there and worked uphill.  Bill and Terry cut out to Mayflower Lane at the cul-de-sac.

Would the Mayflower neighbors and their landscapers PLEASE stop dumping their yard waste in the trail entrance.  How hard is it to have a little compost pile in the corner of your yard or pay someone to haul grass, leaves, and brush to the City yards, rather than dump it in public open space?  

Thanks to everyone who came out on a sauna-like Saturday morning.  Thanks to Annie, Brooklyn, Nick, Luis, Graham, Val, Ellen, Bill, & Terry for getting the Paugussett Trail in less bushy condition.

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