Saturday, November 20, 2021

Dig We Must - Two

Crisp, but clear Fall morning at the Shelton Intermediate School.  A group of about a dozen volunteers formed to start work on the Recreation Path and Turkey Trot Trails.

Cody and Chase were not giving an inch when it came to digging out the beech roots along the Turkey Trot Trail.  And neither was the beech.  But in the end teamwork and persistence prevailed over the tripping hazard, and the trail was fixed up.

And so goes much of trail work.

A bunch of us started to tackle various drainage improvements along the RecPath.  Ellen Cramp, our newest Trail Committee Member, asked where is the best place to start?  I said begin at the low point near the culvert and work your way uphill.  Looking back at it, I think much of life can be summed up that way; you just got to dig in, and start your way backwards.

Ted and Bill were clearing out the drainage ditch at the RecPath.  We have a lot of erosion issues at the junction of the Turkey Trot with the RecPath.

Mary King cleared ditches along the RecPath.  A lot of folks were working up and down the trail.  It was mentioned that it was a scene from Cool Hand Luke.

 Derrick, Ted, & Paden were working on a swale to direct water off the RecPath at the Turkey Trot Junction.  We''ll see how time works out, but it looked like a good improvement.

Waterbars on the Turkey Trot Trail were cleaned out.  The culverts and ditches along the RecPath below were also cleaned out.

The leaves were blown off the RecPath.

And we made The Sun shine brightly on Silent Waters.  Well, maybe that last one is a grand exaggeration.  But it was a wonderful morning, and we were out there working, so we must've had a part in it. Right!

Thanks to Cory, Chase, Lorren, Ted, Luis, Mary, Ellen, Paden, Graham, Mark, Derrick, Bill, Eli, Bob & Terry for coming out today and ditch digging.  Sure, it looked like a scene out of Cool Hand Luke, but it was a lot more fun.  See you on the Turkey Trot Hike after Thanksgiving.

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