2016 Shelton Trails Marathon

Congrats to the following people for completing 13 hikes covering 26.2 miles in 2016 (scroll down for info about the challenge):
  1. Gary Plude
  2. Christopher Sikorski
  3. Viviane Sikorski
  4. Peter Hudson
  5. Kristen Hudson
  6. Makui (dog)
  7. Althea Gill
  8. Pamela Archangeli
  9. Mark Prokop
  10. Bruce Nichols
  11. Teresa Gallagher
  12. Dale Sorensen
  13. Steven Canada
  14. Sharon Canada
  15. Terry Gallagher
  16. Holly Smalley
  17. Paul Hays
  18. Andrew Spadinger
  19. Val Gasset
  20. Brian Lucker
  21. Kristine Lucker
  22. Kim Edwards
  23. Todd Edwards
  24. Addyson Edwards
  25. Colin Edwards
  26. Sheryl Dutkanicz
  27. Bill Dyer
  28. Teddy (dog)
  29. Casey Louise Thomas
  30. John Girard
  31. Brian Stiewing
  32. Janet Flament
  33. Mike Flament
  34. Ellie (dog)
  35. Brady (dog)
  36. Andy Dutkanicz
  37. Susanne Gilmore
  38. Eka Parker
  39. Cindy Roberts
  40. Annerys Corona
  41. Paul Stusalitus
  42. Maureen Stusalitus
  43. Rosie and Suzie (dogs)
  44. Melani Dokla
  45. Josh Dokla
  46. Mr Cooper (dog)
  47. Richard Skudlarek
  48. John Killian
  49. Tommy Killian
  50. Katie Killian
  51. Robert Havlena
How to participate:


1. Use the 2016 Shelton Trails Marathon Form to record when you have completed each hike (last page of the pre-printed Marathon Packets available at the Community Center or City Hall).

2. Hike the thirteen hikes listed below in any order you like. No need to complete a designated hike in one day if it's too long! The hikes are listed in order of how difficult the footing is. Be sure to check the hike maps and descriptions in this packet or online so that you’re walking the correct route. Updates and trail conditions will be listed online. All the hike descriptions below can be downloaded as one pdf file HERE and are also included in the pre-printed Marathon Packets available at the Community Center and City Hall).

  1. Shelton Lakes Recreation Path (4.0 miles one way) - easiest footing 
  2. Gristmill Trail (0.6 mile out and back) 
  3. Oak Valley Trail (2.1 mile lollipop loop) 
  4. Bluff Walk at Riverview Park (1.2 mile out and back) 
  5. Nells Rock Trail (1.5 mile loop) 
  6. Dog Paw and Flower Path (1.6 mile loop) 
  7. Turkey Trot Trail (2.0 mile loop) 
  8. Boehm Pond loop and spur to pond (1.1 mile) 
  9. Nicholdale Farm Perimeter Trail (1.4 mile loop) 
  10. Birchbank Trail (1.9 mile lollipop loop)  
  11. Tahmore Trail (1.3 mile loop and spur to overlook) 
  12. Paugussett Trail - Indian Well Falls to Buddington Road (5.0 miles one way) 
  13. Paugussett Trail - Birchbank chimney to Indian Well Falls (2.5 miles one way)
3. Optional: We encourage participants to share at least one photo of their adventures with us. Photos may be posted on this blog and/or the Shelton Trails & Conservation Facebook Page. Email photos to conservation@cityofshelton.org.

4. Submit your completed form to: Teresa Gallagher, Conservation Department, City Hall, 54 Hill Street Shelton, CT 06484. Forms can also be emailed to conservation@cityofshelton.org, or dropped off in Teresa's office Room 102. We will accept forms up through the end of the year. Be sure to include your mailing address so we may send you a commemorative path tag.

Congrats to the following for completing the 2016 Shelton Trails Marathon:


  1. Hike #6 is pretty in early-mid June with the Mountain Laurel are blooming along the powerlines.

  2. What happened to the other page?

    1. The one that has all he trails listed?

    2. Just discovered this error and will fix asap

    3. Thanks a bunch! My family is really enjoying this challenge!

  3. Nice Hike on Tahmore Trail yesterday with 26 people. 11 Hikes down with 2 to Go.