Monday, December 16, 2013

Mike Yevich's Project - the Upper Birchbank Bridge

A look back at another fine scout project at Birchbank Mountain.  Mike Yevich of Troop 27 and his team built a very sturdy bridge over Upper White Hills Brook in 2012.

These scouts not only stand behind their work, they stand on it.

This was an area where there was some ATV damage and the bridge allowed hikers to cross the brook during high water.
Concept picture of bridge crossing the brook
Mike and his team had to do a number of steps prior to actually building bridge.  Some of the tasks were to:
  • Decide what project to do and prepare a preliminary design,
  • Get approvals from the Trails Committee and Conservation Commission,
  • Get approval from the Scout Council,
  • Also get approval from the Shelton Inland Wetlands Commission (bridge over a stream),
  • Raise funds for purchasing materials (they held a car wash),
  • Buy the materials and haul the stuff to the jobsite,
  • Build the bridge.
These can be typical steps for many Eagle Scout projects.  There is a lot of behind the scene action in addition to actually building the project.

Fabricating the beams for the bridge
 Access to the site was limited so they fabricated some of the larger pieces on site rather than trying to carry them in.
Braces installed

All told, Mike's team had over 95 volunteer hours invested in the project and raised over $400 to buy materials. The cost of materials was lowered substantially when Lowes discounted a lot of the materials (THANK YOU Lowes).

Decking installation
There was a very nice article in the Shelton Herald on Mike's Eagle Scout Ceremony this Spring with additional pictures and information.

Completed project!
Thank you Mike for all the hard work by you and your team.  Another fine project at Birchbank Mountain  by the scouts.

Engraved decking

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  1. Great job Mike and all of Troop 27!