Sunday, September 29, 2013

Far Mill River Cleanup (or Give us a break!)

 Another Saturday work party. This time we focused on a pleasant trail alongside the Far Mill River that provides access to some neat fishing spots and a picture-book swimming hole. Unfortunately, where there are people, there sometimes incidents of discarded trash. In this case, some bags of rubbish, mostly cans, bottles and food cartons, were left for others (us, I guess) to remove from this otherwise picturesque area. In addition to policing up the trash, overgrowth was removed from alongside the trails, and  washouts on steps leading down the embankment to the river were repaired.

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We met behind ASF Sports on River Road where the trail access is located and grabbed the tools we would need. Volunteers Chad and Sue were off to a running start.

Sue was busy picking up litter, while new volunteer Jim cut back some of the overgrowth

Committee member Terry directs volunteer Bill to areas needing work, while Committee Chairman Bill concentrates on his weed-whacking

"Whew! Directing volunteers is not as easy as it looks!" Terry and others take a break at the ol' swimming hole

Repairs were made to the steps leading down to the fishing trail. Wash-outs were refilled with gravel to stabilize the steps

It's a beautiful waterfall up by the old swimming hole.  The trail continues upstream of the waterfall.

Jim, Richard and Bill pose by the two dozen bags of litter and trash collected on this morning's work party.   Sue & Chad had already delivered some of the trash over to the Transfer Station.  Thanks to all the volunteers who came out and helped clean up Pine Rock Park this morning.  Jim was a long-time resident of the neighborhood, and it was Bill's first time visiting this spot.

And a big thank you to the Highways & Bridges Dept. for picking up all the junk that we hauled out to the curb.  Together we cleaned out the area all the way up to the swimming hole and made things better for ASO Sports and the Pine Rock Neighborhood.  There's still more stuff to get however and we would ask everyone to carry out whatever they see when they go for a walk - Enjoy the Far Mill River.  

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  1. I tacked on of few additions to Rich's fine post. Nice clean-up effort by everybody on one of Shelton's most picturesque greenways.