Sunday, August 19, 2012

Raiders of Nells Rock Road

The Nells Rock Trailhead was beginning to look like one of the jungle scenes from Raiders of the Lost Ark.  With thunderstorms threatening the Trails Committee swung into action on August 11th, but not with machetes.

Jim was channeling a little 2-Cycle power with the sickle bar mower.  Stay out of this guy's way when he's working.

Meanwhile other folks were mowing or clearing brush in the near-tropical humidity.  The trailhead and some of the surrounding trails are much clearer and easier to follow now.  The Abby Wright parking lot is on Nells Rock Road across from L'Hermitage Condominiums.  

And since they still had some energy Bill & Lynn went across the street and did some clearing on the Chordas Pond trail that runs through City Open Space on the back side of the pond.  Jim & Rich went over the the RecPath off Oak Valley Road to take out a storm-damaged tree that had been hung up over the Path.  The tree was stubborn though so they had to whittle it down 6 feet at time.  Now it won't land on anybody's head while they are enjoying the RecPath.

There have been a lot of good developments on the trails this summer - look for notices of other activities and the Grand Opening of the RecPath this October 6th.

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