Monday, July 16, 2012

RecPath Construction Restart

Construction of the LAST section of the Shelton Lakes Recreation Path started last week along Oak Valley Road.  Work is proceeding quickly and should be done by the end of August, or maybe sooner.

Jake & Steve from Fairview Tree Farm were out working hard Saturday in the muggy and deer fly infested heat clearing up logs and brush along the Path.

This section of the RecPath parallels the end of Oak Valley Road between the road and a large swamp.  The contractors from Pruzinsky & Sons and Fairview Tree Farm are trying to preserve trees along the Path by limiting clearing as you can see in the above photo.  We actually had to tell them to take out more trees for better sightlines on the insides of curves.  That generally starts a good debate on the Trails Committee about which trees to whack and which to hug.

Above is a section of the Path that is awaiting the top course of gravel - looks pretty good doesn't it?

 The Trails Committee was out Saturday on a planning work party looking at places where road and driveway crossings need to be marked and protected.  Granite posts and removable timber bollards will be installed at the road and drive crossings.  These let residents and trail users easily know where RecPath goes and prevents unauthorized vehicles from damaging the Path.  The timber bollards will have locks so they can be opened and lowered for Path maintenance and emergency access.

We'd also like to thank Tom Harbinson for dropping off the granite posts Saturday that he was storing at his business for us.

This is another section of construction where the brush was recently cleaned up.  The Path winds through open woodland and takes advantage of the topography for a gentle walk or ride.

After we left Oak Valley Road we went to all the other road crossings to get a final count for the last timber and granite bollards.  This is the Meadow Street crossing near Shelton High School.  A new handicapped-accessible ramp needs to be cut into the sidewalk and the old timbers and chains will be removed when the RecPath entrance is improved.

It's rewarding to see the Shelton Lakes Recreation Path construction finally nearing completion.

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