Monday, July 13, 2009

Birchbank Airsoft Encampment

There are several problems with people playing "Airsoft" games on public property. (Airsoft is similar to Paintball, but guns have plastic BB's in them instead of paintballs). First are the barricades that are created. This encampment is located just off Birchbank Trail off of Okenuck Way and Little Fox Run. We don't know how they managed to get those spools in there.

Parents may think their kids are having good, clean fun, but we commonly find evidence of alcohol and drugs.
And then there are the thousands of non-biodegradable BB's that are left all over public property, too small to be picked up. These ones are white, but often they are neon yellow, orange and green. I don't understand why these BB's are not banned. Biodegradable BBs can be purchases for just a few dollars more.


  1. Actually that "Encampment" was there when we first started using the woods. We don't know when and how that stuff all got there. Also the alcohol canisters are of the same to the people who brought those spools and other items out there. There is also no drug related items I have seen in my time spent in the woods. Those "Non-biodegradable BB's" aforementioned are indeed biodegradable but they take only two (2) more years to biodegrade, even though only two of the players do not use biodegradable BB's although we encourage them not too. We respect the woods and the people and animals that use them and live there. We clean up any garbage we leave and make an effort to clean up the garbage left by the others. We use this space as anybody else does and I do not see the problem with us playing there. Were trying to keep out of trouble by playing this harmless game. Please feel free to provide any more accusations and we will be sure to give you an explanation why that is false.

  2. I am representing all of us airsofters. Those wooden spools and pallets and so on are not ours and we did not bring those in there. We found them there and figured we would utilize them. Some other group of people come out to these woods and probably brought the spools and etc. out there. Those alcoholic canisters are also not property of ours those are left there by someone else and we don't know why they leave such a mess. We do not involve ourselves in any activities such as drinking or drug use. If you were to meet us you would find that we are respectful young gentleman who use the open space that our city provides for us, we feel as long as we respect the space and treat it well we should be able to utilize it. We stop our games when people are using the trails (Even though we try to stay off the trails), and make an effort to socialize and talk to them. We also do not use those neon-colored BB's. And we start using biodegradable ones out of respect for the environment. And I do agree with you that non-biodegradable ones should not be sold. We are not trying to be bad kid's, we hope that this could help you understand us a little more. Thank for your time reading this.

  3. I would also like to bring to attention that we are not the people riding atv's and dirtbike's through these woods. We do not know who they are and we feel that they are damaging the trails and riding these through the woods is dangerous for the hikers around.