Monday, November 30, 2009

Tahmore Loop Hike

We had a great hike on the Tahmore Loop Trail yesterday afternoon on the Shelton Land Conservation Trust's property overlooking the Housatonic River. I was really surprised about the turnout when we came to the end of Tahmore Place. About 30 people with 8 or so dogs were mulling around the cul-de-sac and parked part way down both sides of the road. (And there weren't any problems - nobody's driveway was blocked, no neighboring children were harmed, and some of the neighbors and their families came out and enjoyed the walk with us)

Here we are starting off with the Land Trust folks; the Liddel family, with Joe Welsh and his kids. The Liddels are the monitors of the Tahmore property and live next to the Trail. Joe is the president of the Land Trust.

Here's Bill Dyer from the Trails Committee leading the first leg of the hike. The trail is a nice figure 8 so you can do the whole loop, or cut it short on the red trail if you only want to do half. The Trail is marked with a blue blaze with a yellow dot.

After a short while we joined with the Paugussett Trail (blazed solid blue) and walked south to the overlook of the Housatonic River. We could see down to downtown Shelton, Indian Well State Park, Osborndale State Park, Derby, and The Maples.

Everybody enjoyed the views of the Housatonic River. It would improve the view at the overlook if a few trees were removed, but we could see OK now that the leaves have fallen.

We worked our way backon the Paugussett Trail from the overlook to the Red Trail so we could complete the figure 8.

We looped back to the Tahmore Loop & went back toward the trailhead in case anyone had to leave, but pretty much everybody was having a good time & kept going.

We crossed a small ravine over a nice bridge built by the scouts. We crossed into some old field habitat and looped back along some cow pastures. The kids had fun calling out to the cows.

Young or old everybody had a great day. Joe's son had a particularly good time riding dad near the end. The total hike was about 1 1/4 miles, and took about 1 - 1.5 hours. Thanks to the Shelton Land Conservation Trust for maintaining the property & helping sponsor this hike. They are a very nice local charity, and if people want to support a good cause they should consider becoming a member - just click on the link above to access their website.

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  1. I think everyone was stir crazy from the long weekend and cold windy weather the day before. Sleeping Giant was mobbed with walkers. Glad to see people get out there and enjoy the outdoors.