Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Blazing Trails

On a beautiful Fall morning our team of Bill Dyer, Lynn Reid, Sheri Dutkanicz and I set out to find a smoother transition on the Oak Valley Trail from the bluffs to the valley. In one short but challenging section the current trail is steep and not easily negotiated by bikers and some strollers. Was there an alternate route through this rugged terrain?

The moon sits up there so inviting this time of year!

Bill looks for a practical solution.

Unfortunately, at least on this day, no alternate route was discovered that did not entail a climb or a swamp.

We did stumble across a strange structure near the Open Space boundary, possibly on the property of the house in the background.

Not a deer stand, possibly some sort of monitoring device or a feeding station (but for what???). My guess is it's a homing beacon left by visitors from Pluto, who plan to return some day to take over the Earth because we humiliated them by downgrading their home to a mini-planet! If you know what it is, please leave a comment.
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  1. Yeah, that's a feeding station for deer hunting (baiting is legal and helps reduce the deer population). You'll have to let me know where that is so I can make sure it's not on the open space.

  2. I like that shot of the moon and the vultures.

  3. By the way, did anyone think to look UP to see if there was a deer stand above the feeder station?

  4. We looked into alternative routes back in the mid 1990's and couldn't find any.