Friday, November 13, 2009

The Wood Relocation Party

Wood left lying around haphazardly in the Open Space wilderness can be a potential danger to innocent hikers, a feast for ravenous termites and carpenter ants, and a temptation for greedy but careless firewood seekers. As such, Terrance, Jim, Luis, Rich, and Peter felt it was our duty as good citizens of Shelton to relocate said wood to suitable locations out of harms way.
(No trees were harmed in the making of this saga.)

Preparation for retrieving the wood included the re-engineering of the existing bridge that would provide access to the more remote locations, recycling bridge sections that had been replaced at the Lane Street meadow.

Terrance demonstrated his pink belt
karate skills by cleaving a log in half,
using only a wedge and an ax!

Terrance Peter and Luis laughed while Jim and Rich
alone wrestled heavy log from the swamps below...

...but bad Karma saw to it that Terrance's
camera was short on electricity.

Prayers were rendered before proceeding down
Cliff " on the way to the main road and safety.

The Gator performed magnificently, as expected, and was enhanced by the addition of our wagon/trailer, making the combined vehicle a 10-wheeler.

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(P.S. - He didn't say what it sounds like he said!)

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