Saturday, November 14, 2009

Tahmore Work Party

Volunteers with the Shelton Trails Committee and Shelton Land Trust risked the oncoming Nor'Easter and cleared out Tahmore Trail in preparation for a guided hike on the 29th. These pictures were taken by Joe Welsh, President of the Land Trust.

Tahmore Trail, located at the end of Tahmore Drive in the White Hills, is located on Land Trust property. The hardest thing about the trail is a couple of short steep sections covered with slippery Oak leaves, so removing the leaves was a priority.

The rain held off until just after the work party ended, so everyone stayed dry. But check for those ticks, the adult deer ticks are very active right now!

Job well done!


  1. There was a good turnout Saturday between the Land Trust folks and the Shelton Trails volunteers; they went so fast all the work was done by the time I got there. Talk about timing.

    Joe Welsh; President of the Land Trust had this to add:

    "Hello Shelton Trails Volunteers. Thank you for getting our trail in shape for the hike! Here are some pictures from today's work party. See you at the hike. Joe"

  2. And we also had the following note from Bill Dyer; Trails Committee Chairman;

    "Joe, thanks for the photos and for bringing and using the chain saw. Lynn told us of your success in removing a "widow-maker." Today was my first time at Tahmore, but certainly not my last. I look forward to the hike on 29 November and hope we get a good turnout."