Friday, December 11, 2009

Winterberrys on the Independence Dr. Connector

Winterberrys are one of the most striking shrubs of late fall/early winter in the area. Besides being attractive they offer a well-needed food source to birds and other wildlife. This one is found along the edge of a vernal pool along the powerlines on the connector trail to Independence Drive. It may be a little windy up there today, but on calmer days there is a surprising amount of wildlife that can be seen on that trail if you take your time & are quiet.

We apparently have leprechauns in Shelton. See if you can spot any of the stone sculptures that have popped up along the Turkey Trot Trail.

Our new bridge on the Turkey Trot Trail also held up well during the recent storm. One comment from a mountain biker was that they liked the trails, but the newer bridges were a little slippery - see a trails report from NEMBA. So I guess be a little careful riding over it until it weathers - I had no problems walking on it however. It's good to hear other people's take on our trail system. Please feel free to e-mail your observations and thoughts to this blog or the Shelton Trails website - we like the feedback.

We also have a work party scheduled tomorrow morning at Riverview Park. Meet at 9:00 by the basketball courts to remove leaves and debris from The Bluff Walk. I'm not sure how this will work out with the weather, but we'll give it a shot.

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