Sunday, November 22, 2009

Self-Propelled Stihl Chainsaw

This may look like it's our latest labor saving device; the self-propelled Stihl chainsaw, but it's just another of life's learning experiences. On Saturday, Bill Dyer, Rich Skudlarek & I went down to the RecPath entrance on Lane St. to clear some brush and small trees along the edge of the construction area. The contractor is about 3/4 finished with placing the gravel & should be done early next week. We windrowed some brush along the trail so the Parks & Rec guys can come in with their portable woodchipper & chop this stuff up. We started cutting some small trees along the edge of the path to improve sightlines, and bucking up one of the larger maples that was out in the meadow. We were going along nicely until I managed to get our Stihl chainsaw pinched. I said Oh well, I'll clean up this brush until the guys are done & we'll get this unstuck.

Bill came over to lend a hand and rendered his expert opinion; "Yup, it's stuck alright. Why don't you try to jiggle it."

Nope that didn't work. It's time for teamwork. "Ok, when I nod my head, you hit it."

Damn, that didn't work either. This is why you bring two chainsaws. Eventually Rich stopped laughing and taking funny pictures of us and did something constructive; he fired up his saw and chopped off part of the branch that was pinching the bar. The saw came free and seemed to be none the worse for our efforts.

Helpful Trail Tip: Partially cut the compression side of the branch FIRST, then finish the cut on the tension side below so the saw doesn't get pinched. And bring a second chainsaw just in case.

We spent the rest of the morning looking at all the other work that will need to be done to shape the shoulders and tidy up the brush along the edge after Barry is done with placing the base.

We also saw the elusive Means Brook Pheasant, not once, but twice over by the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree. Unfortunately Rich ran out of batteries in his camera & couldn't get a picture of the bird. If anybody goes walking down there bring your camera and get a good shot of it for the Shelton Conservation page on Facebook. We want more fan photos of Shelton wildlife and scenes.

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  1. Maybe we could get Stihl to incorporate these photos into their instruction manual under "How to invalidate your warranty"!