Thursday, November 19, 2009

Brand New Used Pickaxes

Most trails volunteers use their own tools on work parties, but some people don't have any. One of our goals this year was to expand our collection of hand tools and we are gradually getting there. Here are 2 rusty old pickaxes that Pete Conway picked up from the dump. We cleaned them up, ground the points, bought a couple of handles & whoa-lah - 2 new used pickaxes. Sometimes we can buy new tools, but this is a more typical method of staffing our workforce (have you heard that Shelton has the lowest mil rate in the Valley?). Our thanks to the guys at the dump for their help.

Some of the other hand tools that we could use are:
  • metal leaf rakes
  • sledge hammers or mauls
  • pinch point crow bars (we could use these for rock work)
  • digging bar
  • peaveys
  • hand pruners
  • pole saw
  • stone working tools (hammers, wedges & feathers, drills, etc.)
  • logging chains & hooks
  • slings
  • mulch forks
If anybody has any tools that they would like to donate, or if they're going to sell them at a tag sale, please feel free to contact us. We'll put them to good use - see the picture below of Richard and Peter getting ready to hit the trail with their pickaxes.


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