Tuesday, November 17, 2009

RecPath Work Resumed Today

Barry Mucci resumed construction of the Shelton Lakes Recreation Path off Lane St. today. The Shelton Parks & Recreation Dept. had to stop hauling stone for the base last week in order to pick up leaves (it's a small department & they get pulled around a lot). But the weather was good & Mr. Mucci was able to extend the RecPath about 100-150 feet.

The Parks & Rec Dept. is using one of their smaller dump trucks to deliver the stone because of the narrow corridor off Lane St.. Access is tight due to the curve and having to avoid sliding into the swamp. Now that they are out in the meadow they won't have to back in all the way and things will go faster.

Drainage is being installed at the low points in the meadow to prevent erosion and keep the base of the path dry. The yard drain outlets to the wetlands using perforated HDPE pipe and 3/4" crushed stone with filter fabric. Having good drainage is one of the construction items that most people don't see but that helps to minimize future maintenance costs. This area will get cleaned up after the base is installed.

And here's a view of the rough grading out to the boardwalk. There were a couple of people who came walking thru with their dogs during construction. Barry said that there were a number of folks (and 2 deer) walking through the RecPath work zone today without problems. People should be careful when walking through the work area, and be aware that they may not be seen or heard right away by the operator due to the machine noise. Mr. Mucci said that he will not be working tomorrow (Wednesday), but will resume on Thursday & hopefully finish this week. The main limiting factor now is how quickly the rest of the stone can be delivered by Parks and Rec.

On the other side of the boardwalk a number of people had left a lot of trash strewn around Harriet Wilber's Memorial Bench. The contractor said that a number of boys were over there today, maybe it wasn't them, but some knuckleheads dumped this garbage apparently neither knowing nor caring what they did. Some nice folks from the Land Trust built this bench as a memorial to Harriet Wilber; long-time co-chair of the Conservation Commission who passed away a few years ago. It's partially because of her that the City and the Land Trust were able to team up to save the meadow where Mr. Mucci is working know as open space. Unfortunately the memorial plaque was never attached to the bench. I'll go back tomorrow with a bag and clean this trash up. The Lane St. meadow is a really pretty area & I hope people find the time to sit on Harriet's bench and enjoy the meadow when the RecPath gateway is completed.

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  1. Up until now the area around the bench had been pretty clean, at least when I passed through. It's probably the same morons that are so proud of their graffiti. I think They know how to prevent such behavior in Singapore...by caning the offenders.