Wednesday, November 14, 2012

We need a Bigger Rake, or another Saturday Trail Work Party

Yes, we'll need a bigger rake and then some.  But, little by little, we're clearing up the damage from Hurricane Sandy and Nor'easter #1 of the 2012-2013 Season.  Join us this Saturday (11/17/12) for another exciting trails work party entitled "How do I clean this #?%@@X>* up?"

This is what the Turkey Trot trail looks like along Rt. 108 between the Silent Waters Dam and the powerlines.  Bill Dyer reports that the western loop out to Willoughby Road isn't as bad, but the section through the pines took a whuppin'.

Meet us over the by the Dog Park and Red Barn at 8:30 and we'll move over to the work site across the street from there depending on who shows up.  Helpers of all ages and abilities are welcome.  Bring gloves, old clothes (you will get some pine sap on you), drinks, rakes, bow saws, loppers, chainsaws, etc.  There will be a safe work zone between the sawyers and the branch haulers so don't worry if you want to bring younger folks.  There is a lot to do for everybody.

Future work parties will be listed under our Events page.  A new listing of Trail Conditions has also been posted to keep track of storm damage repairs.  We are in the process of hiking each trail to prioritize work parties, and encourage any feedback from the public.

Thanks to Bruce Nichols for this map he sent in of storm damage from one of his runs.  This was helpful in clearing up the damage behind Hope Lake the last 2 weekends.

And as always we encourage people to participate in either one of our formal trail work parties; like the one this Saturday, or just rake and clear your favorite stretch of trail.

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