Tuesday, November 20, 2012

More views...Sandy

In spite of the many deadfalls and debris brought about by Sandy and the Nor'easter that followed, the Shelton Trails Committee members and volunteers were able to clear the Rec Path within a few days after the storms. The following photos highlight some of the damage and the subsequent efforts to clean up the mess.

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Lynn does the heavy work, clearing up everyone else's mess

Richard cuts through a super fir

Terry carefully works through the last bit of a precariously positioned hinge

Luis clears debris as Jim creates more

The Gator serves in many capacities, here as a platform for getting at the high stuff

It also held all of our tools and gear

Sandie works one of the chainsaws

Daniel came all the way from Yale in New Haven to help out and at the same time write an account of folks reacting to storm damage

Daniel, Jim, Lynn and Sandie attacking the "pick-up sticks" blocking the Turkey Trot Trail

Pam lends a hand clearing branches

Al applies his expertise to a massive deadfall as Sandie and Jim await their turn to cut

Jim cut a notch before undercutting another monster fir

Richard trims the remains of another biggie

Thanks to all that helped clear up the aftermath of both storms, including work party volunteers, Trails Committee members, and strollers and hikers who took the time to pick up a branch or two.


  1. Great Job on the Turkey Trot clean up. That was a lot of work. Who were the volunteers who were out there Saturday?

    1. Names were not changed to protect the innocent. There were no innocents in this work party!

  2. OMG - actual Names of people who did all this good work! What a concept. A Big Thanks to everybody who came out with a special thanks to Daniel; who wins the 2012 Award for Longest Travel to Attend a Work Party. He took the bus from New Haven and then a cab to the job site -awesome.