Friday, November 9, 2012

Post-Sandy Hurricane Clean Up

Cleaning up after Hurricane Sandy.

Members of the Trails Committee were out clearing storm damage from Hurricane Sandy from the RecPath last week.  Jim and Sheri are working on a multiple pine puzzle behind Pine Lake.  At one point I think we had 4 sawyers going at the same time to clear this mess.

After 3 days of volunteer chainsawing and dragging most of the serious storm damage was off the Path and we were open for business again. 

This section near Meadow Street had multiple trees down.  Luis did a great job blowing off the Path after Sandy and Rich sawed the trees.

The Blue trail behind Hope Lake is still in tough shape.  For that matter most of the trails are in tough shape.  The strong gusts from the East toppled or snapped a lot of pine trees on the western side of the Lake.  There is also a lot of storm damage on the north side of Rt. 108.

We'll be meeting at the Red Barn on the corner of Nells Rock Road and Rt. 108 tomorrow 11/10/12 at 8:30 to attack the mess.  All hands are welcome, even if you don't have a chainsaw.  The clearing goes a lot easier with multiple people.  My daughter was out helping me clear some of the blowdowns last Sunday and it's great having a team.  The weather is supposed to cooperate - please help us out - even if you're walking or running by.

And if anybody has a good way to get pine sap out for gloves and jeans let us know.

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