Sunday, November 18, 2012

Time for a New Chain

With all the storm damage clearing going on I noticed that my new chainsaw cut better than my old Stihl 025, so I was going to sharpen that chain.  However, when I compared the old chain to a new chain the Frugal Yankee (a.k.a. CYB) decided the old chain had been fully depreciated and it was time to splurge.

This is the new chain compared to the old one.  Almost all the steel in the teeth had been filed away from repeated sharpenings.

A sharp chain cuts better and safer than a dull one.  Stihl has a on-line video on how to sharpen a chain.  They throw in a lot of safety chat, but the video is actually helpful.

I stopped at Joseph Martinka and Sons Saturday (11/24/12) and picked up a couple of new replacement Stihl chains, and ran into one of my neighbors getting some parts for his John Deere.  Martinka's is a nice little family business in the White Hills neighborhood of Shelton if you need chainsaw parts.  Just doing our little bit to support local businesses.

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